Artistic Programming

Chutzpah! The Lisa Nemetz Showcase of Jewish Performing Arts is a multi-disciplinary annual Performing Arts Festival, now in its 18th year, that celebrates the best of professional arts and culture, showcasing both emerging and established Jewish artists (in collaboration with non-Jewish artists). Chutzpah! features traditional as well as ground-breaking performances in dance, comedy, music and theatre. The Norman Rothstein Theatre and its Artistic Programming and Chutzpah! Festival gives Lower Mainland audiences work that:

  • Supports both established and emerging artists
  • Entertains, inspires, educates and enriches its audiences
  • Promotes communication and understanding between Jewish and non-Jewish communities
  • Explores a diverse expression of what it means to be Jewish and Canadian in the 21st century while examining and celebrating the human spirit
  • Supports both emerging and established Jewish performing artists and their non-Jewish collaborators and work that addresses both Jewish, mainstream and cross-cultural themes, thereby giving voice to Jewish culture and or/Jewish artists in an assimilated environment.
  • Encourages interaction between artists across Canada and internationally by programming them in the Chutzpah Festival and additional Artistic Programming
  • Supports and programs Israeli artists
  • Contributes through the performing arts to the multi-cultural fabric of Canadian society

The Chutzpah! Festival fosters artistic growth by crossing cultural and generational boundaries as well as artistic disciplines. Chutzpah! will continue in 2018, to provoke thought and discourse about meaningful issues as well as entertain audiences with great performances by local, national and international artists. Chutzpah! gives much needed exposure and support to emerging artists as well as bringing to the stage seasoned professionals for the sheer enjoyment of our community. It is a professionally programmed festival and it is done so with the idea that art in all its forms is meant to inspire, educate and entertain.